WAVE Work Group Communications for Public Safety Agencies and Commercial Enterprise



Effective communications are critical to every organization’s mission.


The WAVE Work Group Communications solution is a software platform and suite of applications that remove the technical barriers to secure instant communication across any IP network. WAVE’s resiliency has been tested in some of the world’s most difficult environments.



WAVE is a multi-component solution for enabling the integration of existing and future communication technologies. The goal is simple – enable anyone on any device to securely communicate across any IP network with any other device, in real time.


WAVE enables media and data streams within an IP network. Throughout this document, these streams are referred to as WAVE Channels.

  •  WAVE Channels securely transport real-time media and data across IP networks.

  •  WAVE Engines are the key media processing elements of a WAVE system and connect WAVE applications and other endpoints to WAVE Channels.

  •  WAVE Media Servers act as a proxy for endpoints that do not have a WAVE Engine. They are also responsible for aggregating and routing traffic across WAVE Channels.

  •  WAVE Proxy Servers provide a remote endpoint access to a WAVE Engine when it is not practical or desirable to run the Engine on the end-user device such as a smartphone.


View this video to learn more about WAVE Work Group Communications for public service agencies.



View this video to learn more about WAVE Work Group Communications for commercial enterprise.



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