Rutter sigma S6 Ice Detection and Monitoring System

The Sigma S6 Ice NavigatorTM provides unsurpassed imaging of sea ice conditions in the vicinity of a vessel, greatly enhancing the ability to navigate efficiently and safely  24-hours-a-day irrespective of weather conditions.

ice navigator with FLIR ice navigator in pack ice small
A sigma S6 Ice Navigator screen capture showing
the display and incorporating FLIR
A sigma S6 Ice Navigator screen capture showing
pack ice and pressure ridges.



  • Small target detection of small icebergs, bergy bits, & growlers in a 360 degree circle around the vessel.

  • Functional in all light conditions (day/night/fog).

  • Integrates motion compensation from the vessel's GPS and Gyro.

  • Has a functional range of 7 to 9 nautical miles around the vessel.

  • Works across a range of existing radars in long-pulse mode without affecting navigational tasking.





  • Unsurpassed clarity and detail.

  • Reduces potential for costly collision damage.

  • Reduces voyage time and improves fuel consumption.

  • Reduces the risk of requiring costly outside assistance.

bergy bit
CCG in ice
In ice
in ice2

High Definition Imaging in Both Open Water and in Ice

High resolution image processing provides high definition ice imaging, leading to superior detection and tracking.  The sigma S6 user-interface provides adjustments to radar tuning to further customize the on-screen image. Following are several images of the output display, The first row shows a regular radar image compared to the high definition display of the Rutter system. The second row shows the detail possible using the Rutter sigma S6 Ice Navigator.

 Regular radar display  High Resolution Rutter display

                               High Resolution Display showing details not visible on regular radar displays

AIS Overlay with Class A and B Targets

Class A and B AIS target overlay options are available with full information, radar tracks and target association display.  The addition of Class B targets enables the monitoring of transponders attached to ice threats and the verification of smaller vessels operating in the area.

Track Multiple Targets

The sigma S6 Ice NavigatorTM advanced target tracker can monitor and track up to 300 targets simultaneously, ensuring the operator has complete awareness of al activity and targets within range of the radar.


Multiple Client Options

The sigma S6 remote client feature allows numerous remote clients to view the master system.  The sigma S6 SeaBridge option is a low bandwidth solution facilitating information sharing between a remote radar location and multiple networked clients viewing the Ice NavigatorTM display.

Camera Integration

Integration and control of IR cameras is facilitated through Rutter's SeaView interface.  Features include the ability to support multiple cameras, intelligent selection of a best camera for specific targets, and automatic slewing to ice targets entering a guard zone. These features support quick decision making in addressing potential threats and possible interruptions to operations.

Performance Comparison to Conventional X-Band Radar

Comparison of Hazardous Ice Detection Ability
Type of Ice Size- Height Above
 Sea Level
Distance Visible
X-Band Radar only
Distance Visible
Ice Navigator
Bergy Bit 1 to 5 metres 0.5 to 1 nautical mile >4 nautical miles
Growler <1 metres <0.5 nautical mile >2 nautical miles


Practical and Versatile Solutions

Rutter sigma S6 technology connects to most commercially available marine radars, enabling customers to extract additional value and effectiveness from their existing radars. Should it be required, Rutter provides the option of supplying a dedicated high performance radar as an input sensor. As with all Rutter sigma S6 product lines Ice NavigatorTM can be combined with any of our other systems to meet your needs:


RUTTER  sigma S6 Ice NavigatorTM
Ice Detection and Navigation System
Ice Detection
Screen Capture and Video Recording
Tracking Software (Small Targets) 300
Scan averaging 32
Motion Compensation
Multiple Remote Clients
Cursor Serial Port Output
(Used for IR Camera Input)
TTM NMEA Serial Port Outputs
(For IR Camera and ECDIS Inputs)
Chart Underlay
Raw Data Recording
SeaBridge-Multiple Client-
Low Bandwidth Communication Link
SeaFusion-Multiple Radar- Single Display

   Note: All models accept standard serial/network inputs from navigational instruments (NMEA 0183) including AIS, anemometer, echo sounder, speed log, GPS, and gyrocompass

Download the sigma S6 Ice Navigator™ Product Specification by clicking here.

Watch a video about the sigma S6 Ice Navigator in action by clicking here.

Information about acquiring the sigma S6 Ice Navigator™ system, end user training, product support, product combinations, performance modeling, product references, and reliability measures can be provided by contacting:sea-image logo