Rutter sigma S6 SeaFusion Radar Combiner

The sigma S6 SeaFusion is used where coverage by a single radar may be obstructed by masts, derricks, or other superstructure, and multiple radars are required to provide a 360º coverage around the installation.

It merges independent data streams from two to four separate sigma S6 radar processors into one composite view.  This eliminates the need to use multiple video screens that give a segmented view of the operating environment.  SeaFusion's singular 360º presentation makes tracking moving targets or objects in multiple sectors completely seamless.

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Automatic Data Integrity Checks

Integrity checks are automatically completed against data from each sigma S6 radar processor to ensure settings for each radar match during operation.

Seamless Sensor Control

The sigma S6 SeaFusion server acts as a central controller for all sigma S6 radar processors and cameras in the system, enabling the operator to adjust parameters and ranges as required, all from one work station.

AIS Overlay with Class A and B Targets

Class A and B AIS target overlay options are available with full information, radar tracks and target association display.  The addition of Class B targets enables the monitoring of transponders attached to ice threats and the verification of smaller vessels operating in the area.

Multiple Client Options

The sigma S6 remote client feature allows numerous remote clients to view the master system.  The sigma S6 SeaBridge option is a low bandwidth solution facilitating information sharing between a remote radar location and multiple networked clients viewing the Ice NavigatorTM display.

EI/OR Camera Integration

Integration and control of cameras is facilitated through SeaFusion interface.  Features include support for multiple cameras, intelligent selection of best views for specific targets, and automatic slewing to targets entering a guard zone. These features support quick decision making in addressing potential threats and possible interruptions to operations.

Radar Recording

Radar recording options provide for raw data recording, screen captures, and/or video recording.

Practical and Versatile Solutions

Rutter sigma S6 technology connects to most commercially available marine radars, enabling customers to extract additional value and effectiveness from their existing radars. Should it be required, Rutter provides the option of supplying a dedicated high performance radar as an input sensor. As with all Rutter sigma S6 product lines, our STS systems can be combined with any of our other systems to meet your needs:

Download the sigma S6 SeaFusion System brochure by clicking here.

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